Just Joshing Episode 28: Metal Galaxy

I first met Pascal Espinosa, owner of then Trilogy Gaming club and discovered that Pascal was the ideal gaming owner.  He encouraged a friendly, fun, casual atmosphere and let guys like me who tend to build rogue magic decks have some fun without worrying about winning or losing the game, and brought some great people to play against.

Years later, Pascal is running my favorite game store in Calgary, Metal Galaxy.  Pascal hasn’t changed; his store is still about the casual gamer.  Whether it’s Magic, or Force of Will, Yugioh, or board games or whatever friendly environment that reflects the man that runs the game.

I wanted him on my podcast for a number of reasons:  First off, he’s worked very hard, overcome a lot of obstacles and has kept pushing his vision of what a gaming store should be for years.  Seeing the space he runs and the people that frequent there, it’s great to see that pay off.

But the other cool thing about Pascal is that he’s made his vision come to a reality.  And I for one can’t help but admire him for it.  Here’s a brief interview, and then the link to the podcast will follow below.

Pascal Espinosa

(Edit:  This interview took place before Calgary Expo.)

Joshua Pantalleresco:  What event are you prepping for right now?

Pascal Espinosa:  We are getting ready to run demos and tournaments at the Calgary Expo Gaming Zone.

JP: What inspired the idea of a bistro inside the game shop?

PE:  My love for food. Part of me always wanted to own a restaurant but realized it is a LOT more work than even a gaming store… so the Bistro is a great compromise.

JP:  Say I was a customer looking for a board game, what one would you recommend for me and why?

PE:  The first thing we do at Metal Galaxy is ask you some questions so we can recommend a game that you will actually enjoy. So finding out who you will be playing with (friends, family), what themes interest you (war games, trivia) and how long do you have to play games on any given week. All things being equal, Sheriff of Nottingham is one of my current favourites!

JP:  Anything you’d like to add?

PE:  Thanks for featuring Metal Galaxy in the podcast and good luck with the next few bursts of inspiration !

Metal Galaxy

No man, the pleasure was mine.

Metal Galaxy is located at 4624 Macleod Trail in Calgary.  They have many amazing events. Thursday and Friday has Magic the Gathering, with a variety of formats to play in.  Saturday has Yugioh which also has a variety of formats.  They’ve just started the card game Force of Will which you can play on Sundays, as well as see a variety of board game events on Sunday as well.  In addition to having your gaming needs satisfied, Metal Galaxy always has a pretty sweet bistro that comes with salads, ice cream, coffee, chips, snacks, food that you can enjoy while you play.

For more information about Metal Galaxy feel free to check out their webpage at http://www.metal-galaxy.com.   You can also find them on their facebook page.    In addition, you can find them on twitter at @metalgalaxy1 .  I want to thank Pascal for his time, and I encourage to head to Metal Galaxy for the great family environment for your kids, and the kids at heart.

Finally, the podcast link is below.  Take a listen.


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