Why You Should Believe In Magic

Before we begin, here’s a column I just posted about one of my favorite wrestling rivalries of all time.  I finally found some time to write about some wrestling feuds on the weekend, and have a few columns in hand, so I should hopefully be able to keep ahead on the column.  Click here toContinue reading “Why You Should Believe In Magic”

Just Joshing Episode 29: GW Renshaw

So I got to admit that this write up is a bit two fold.  First and foremost, I’m trying to see how many times I can get GW Renshaw to blush reading this.   When I first interviewed him for the podcast, I got him to blush inside of ten seconds.   I enjoyed that,Continue reading “Just Joshing Episode 29: GW Renshaw”

Just Joshing Episode 28: Metal Galaxy

I first met Pascal Espinosa, owner of then Trilogy Gaming club and discovered that Pascal was the ideal gaming owner.  He encouraged a friendly, fun, casual atmosphere and let guys like me who tend to build rogue magic decks have some fun without worrying about winning or losing the game, and brought some great peopleContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 28: Metal Galaxy”