Just Joshing Episode 27: Dave Anderson

I met David Anderson playing magic at Myth Games.  I am one of those kind of magic players that play this game almost entirely for home brewing.  I’m the evil guy that is going to come at you standard or modern players with some kind of home brew.  Sometimes  I get stomped, but most of the time I do well, because most people don’t play against cards I use.  It’s quite fun.

Dave gave me the same impression when I played one of his decks.  He has an innovative, creative expressive mind and he too messes with other players.  In our many discussions, I discovered that Dave was a musician and had a band called the Shillelaghs.  He’s a lead singer and a damn good one.  He’s also a member of another band called Walkalone.

I got a wonderful chance to listen to him and the Shillelaghs play live at Verns.  It was a fantastic night as I got to listen to another one of my favorites, and they followed up with fun, vibrant, excellent energy.  I definitely had a good time and would do it again given the chance.

I asked Dave if he’d be willing to do the podcast, and he said yes, and we did so, while playing magic.  Below is a brief introduction, as well as the link to the podcast, which is already live.


Joshua Pantalleresco:  What are you working on right now?

Dave Anderson:  We’re working on an Alberta tour with another band (From Under the Stone) and a with with Montreal stoner metal band The Hazytones (with Walkalone).

JP: What is the one song you have to listen to right now for inspiration and why?

DA:  right now I’m listening to my entire library of Blind Guardian, including the orchestral pieces with just the backing vocals. Blind guardian is a band that knows how to perfectly balance stage show with technical capability and they are my go to band for inspiration.

JP:  What do you prefer with your music:  Recording it, or performing it?  Or are they just different aspects of the same thing?

DA: You’re right, I enjoy both, but prefer performing live.

JP:  Anything you like to add?

DA:  We need to play again soon!


We shall indeed play again soon Dave!  Thanks for this.

The album Bury Me At Sea is currently available at the Shillelaghs bandcamp website which I encourage you to go to at https://theshillelaghs.bandcamp.com/ .  Pick it up and listen to a fun, entertaining band.  You can also find the band on their facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/TheShillelaghsCA.

If you want to listen to Dave’s other band Walkalone you can check out their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/walkAloneCA/   You will not be disappointed here at all either.  I encourage any music fan to check any of their shows out, as both bands are great acts, and Dave is a classy dude.  It was a thrill to get a chance to talk to him.

I want to thank Dave for his time, patience and a great podcast and interview.  To listen to the podcast click here:  http://jpantalleresco.podomatic.com/entry/2016-04-23T16_31_33-07_00

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