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This week’s episode of Just Joshing is Part two of my conversation with Thea Van Diepen. Before you begin, I encourage you to read Part one and listen to that podcast before continuing.  Go on, click here first.  I’ll still be waiting.  I unleash the devastating Secret Origin of the diabolical interview we conducted and where the theme came from for our whole talk.  Thea is one of a kind amazing, and  she was nice enough to answer more questions today.


Joshua Pantalleresco:  Are you going to make a print copy of your online comic?

Thea Van Diepen:  Perhaps… but Kara the Brave wouldn’t be all by itself. It’s too short – I know because I made it such that it could be made into a print version – but could potentially be printed together with other arcs, like the forthcoming Kara the Aquatic. Unless I come up with another, better idea. 😀

JP:  Will we see more maps and pictures in White Changeling II?

TD:  Oh, gosh. I want there to be maps in Like Mist Over the Eyes. They did not, alas, make it into Hidden in Sealskin simply due to time, but I so, so want them to be a thing with the second book. They would work in it better than they would have in Hidden.

JP:  Any big resolutions or goals this year?

TD:  1) Travelling around the world, starting in October, because friends and book research. 2) The things that will help make that happen, like getting a job and publishing more books.

JP: Anything you’d like to add?

TD:   This is the point where something serious/poignant wants to come to mind, but all I’m getting is squeeing. Apparently, being in a podcast is all I ever wanted in life and everything only goes up from here because now I’ve been on two podcasts over three episodes in total. 😀 (The other podcast I’ve been on is Introspectology, which I have just discovered one reviewer called “an audio version of ‘Humans of New York’,” and I can’t think of a better description. Joanna has done a great job with making a podcast worth listening to).

Thea van Diepen - Headshot

Thanks Thea!

I mentioned the Tree Remembers last time.  This time I’m making you guys have a peak at Hidden In Sealskin.  Here is the Amazon page to order it.  Enjoy.  It’s worth your time.

Now if you want to meet and chat with Thea you can do it a number of ways.  Her webpage is http://www.expectedaberrations.com.   Her comic, Kara the Brave is available to be read right here:  http://boredkidcomics.expectedaberrations.com/.   I’m hoping that at some point this will come out as a graphic novel.  It’s very fun.

If you want to support Thea’s writing ambitions, she has a patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/theavandiepen?ty=h.  She gives out bonus illustrations and content regularly and like I said is a blast to talk to.  If you got a few spare bucks, donate.  Finally, her twitter handle is @theavandiepen.  I want to thank Thea for her time and energy.  I enjoyed the podcast and I hope you do too.

Part two is here:  http://jpantalleresco.podomatic.com/entry/2016-02-05T05_45_46-08_00