Just Joshing Episode 16: Thea Van Diepen Part 1

Before we begin, I have to say that I added my conversation with Jane Ann Mclachlan on the Just Joshing page.   Three episodes are on tap so far here, and more will come soon.  As is, still check out current episodes at Podomatic.  I will be merging this in time, but for now, this will still be separate.

This week’s guest is someone I always enjoy talking to.   Thea Van Diepen is the diabolical master storyteller that has been a joy to catch up with.  Our conversation is so big, it’s two parts – this weeks episode and next weeks.

I first met Thea at the Edmonton expo in 2014.  She was charming, and clearly talented. I saw not only her first book but her art and comic.  (I am jealous of her artistic talents) I was intrigued in reading The Illuminated Heart and was impressed.

As an author, there are points when I can see where the author is expressing themselves.  Beyond story, beyond characters, settings, there is something profound and human and genuine inside the story.  I found it in the end when it came to the moment of listening to your heart for God.   That was Thea direct and it was very profound.  I really wanted to see what she was going to work on next.

We’ve kept in touch and ever since the podcast began, I knew I wanted her on it.  Thea agreed and thus this week and next week’s episode features her.  So below are the first half of her questions I sent her.The Tree Remembers- New Cover2

Joshua Pantalleresco:  What are you working on right this minute?

Thea van Diepen:  In terms of writing, a short story for an anthology (if it gets accepted, then I’ll reveal more info on my site. If it doesn’t, then I’ll release the story on my own. It’s got a killer first line). In terms of the things that enable writing, getting a job. xD It’s been interesting, though, because I’ve been doing the job search completely differently than I ever have before, in a way that I’m really loving.

Oh! Oh! I’m also publishing a novelette called The Tree Remembers. If I’m right about the timing of all this, it should be in preorder right now.

JP:  I remember watching you doing that presentation at the con, and was wondering if you had done any more since.  If so, what?  Do you plan on doing more down the road?

TD:  I haven’t done any yet… but someone who was at the one at Pure Spec messaged me recently and so now I’ll be doing one or two at When Worlds Collide, if they accept my proposal(s). The ideas I have for that are either to do that presentation again (So You Want to Make a Language?), one on creating writing systems, or one on a framework for understanding story where the driving force is something other than conflict.

JP:  How many books are planned for the White Changeling saga?

TD:  10. Because I’m crazy. Shouldn’t it be a trilogy or something? Then again, considering how so many trilogies go, maybe I’m being honest. xD

JP:   What are you currently reading?

TD:  The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. Finally. Unless I’m done by the time this goes up, at which point my answer is The Raven Boys, also by Maggie Stiefvater. Also finally.

Thea van Diepen - Headshot

Thanks Thea!

Stay tuned next week for part two.  In the meantime I’m going to direct your attention to her current release, The Tree Remembers.  It is available today for purchase on the kindle store on Amazon right now.  The link is right here.  Order it.  It will be amazing.  I promise.

You can find Thea online on her webpage at http://expectedaberrations.com .   Thea has a lot of cool stuff there to check out.  Her webcomic, Kara the Brave is found at http://boredkidcomics.expectedaberrations.com .   Thea also has a patreon page at : http://patreon.com/theavandiepen and her twitter handle is @theavandiepen.  Endorse her patreon and say hi.  She is awesome.  I want to thank Thea for doing this.

Finally, the link to my interview with her is below. Click and listen to one of the most ghastly, diabolical openings you will ever here.



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