Just Joshing Episode 16: Thea Van Diepen Part 1

Before we begin, I have to say that I added my conversation with Jane Ann Mclachlan on the Just Joshing page.   Three episodes are on tap so far here, and more will come soon.  As is, still check out current episodes at Podomatic.  I will be merging this in time, but for now, thisContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 16: Thea Van Diepen Part 1”

Be Yourself

I am writing this because I can no longer count how many times that I get please buy/follow/connect or whatever adjective you’d like to describe in order to get me to buy a  book from an author on twitter.   Don’t get me wrong;  social media can be, and should be, a tool.  We areContinue reading “Be Yourself”