Just Joshing Episode 10: Vanessa Cardui

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking with the title:  what in the hell happened to episode 9 with Randy McCharles?  I still haven’t received the answers to the questions with Randy yet, but when I do, I will happily post the blog here about it.  If you do want to hear the podcast with Randy, click here.

But now, we go onto this weeks guest:  Vanessa Cardui.

I cannot stress enough how blown away I was when I watched her perform at When Word’s Collide.  It was open mic night that night and I figured I’d read a poem from the Watcher.  And while I like to think that I didn’t embarass myself, I had nothing on Vanessa, who opened the act with her ballad sounding,  “It All Winds Up In The Glass” and made this writer wonder exactly what the heck he was doing here.

I have no shame in admitting she rocked that stage, and is continuing to do so while working on her next album Patience.  I was fortunate enough to catch up with Vanessa and have her come on my podcast and also answer some questions for the blog.

I feel I should answer a question before I go into my questions with Vanessa.  Right before I sent her questions I saw that she had a Kinder Egg.  Now being the naturally curious fellow, I wondered exactly what prize she got.  Now you know why I asked her about the egg.

I think that covers it.  Without any further ado, here’s Vanessa:


Joshua Pantalleresco:  What are you working on at this moment?

Vanessa Cardui: I am finishing up my album, Patience. Last night I was working on the bass edit for The Whale, which is a 7-minute song based on a 206,000 word novel. It is a long, slow, ponderous process.

JP:  I read on your feed that you own many instruments.  Can you list some of them?

VC: I have 6 guitars, 3 mandolins, an electric violin, a Gothic harp, a Renaissance lute, and assorted recorders and percussion instruments! Oh, and a banjo. A banjo named Charlie.

JP:  I have to know, what was the prize in your kinder egg?

VC:  ‘Twas a dinosaur. Verily, and the dinosaur, it was purple.

JP: What has Patience, your current album, taught you about music?

VC: I have learned an enormous amount working on Patience, including how to work collaboratively with a producer and how to incorporate cello into my songs. I am also facing the challenge of putting dark, heavy, painful material in the same track list with the most diabetically cheerful songs I’ve ever written and making them sound like they belong together.

Vanessa Image

Thanks Vanessa!

Seriously, i want to write a story about a purple dinosaur and a banjo named Charlie.   I might just do that.  In the meantime check out Vanessa’s webpage at http://www.vanessacardui.ca in order to check out her latest musings, her works and her various social media contacts.  Buy some music, get some swag and make sure you say hi.  She’s awesome.

Our conversation is below.  I want to thank Vanessa very much for her time and a great interview.  Click and hear for yourself.


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