Just joshing Episode 8: Simon Rose

Simon Rose is no stranger to this blog.  Next to Dirk Manning I have probably interviewed Simon more than anyone else during my time doing these things.  Simon has made me a better interviewer and allowed me to perfect my style.  I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for it, and wanted him on the podcast.  And here he is on this, my 8th episode.

Here’s Simon!


Joshua Pantalleresco:  Besides answering me, What are you working on?

Simon Rose:  I’m currently working on the two sequels to Flashback, my paranormal YA novel that was published earlier in 2015.  These will probably both be published by Tyche Books in 2017. Before that Future Imperfect, another YA science fiction novel, will be published by Tyche Books next spring around the time of the Calgary Expo.

I’ve completed a dystopian novel set in a parallel universe that I may be expanding into a trilogy and recently published The Social Media Writer’s Guide. This features tips and advice for those interested in copywriting for the business community and is available on Amazon as a print and ebook. Here’s the link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0173DO09S
I’ve also been working with several other authors providing editing services and completed a screenplay for a movie project.

JP:   Talk about what you are teaching this month with your writing courses.

SR:  I’m teaching a class at Mount Royal University called Writing for Publication, which as you’d imagine is all about writing and preparing your work for submission to publishing houses. I’m teaching a series of writing classes for children with Northern Hills Community Association called Superstuff, in which the children learn how to create their own superheroes.
I’m also running two online courses which people can register for on my website at the following links

JP:  You’ve been exploring a lot of different venues in writing the last few years.  What have you learned?  Is there any medium you’d like to try you haven’t?

SR:  I’m not sure, possibly more writing for film and TV, although this has been a very busy year with all my novel project and i’ve enjoyed doing that too

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Thanks Simon!

You can visit Simon at his homepage at http://www.simon-rose.com .  He is also available on facebook and you can find him there at this link:  https://www.facebook.com/simon.rose.100.   His twitter handle is @simonroseauthor.  I want to thank Simon once again for being part of my podcasts.  I hope to do another interview with him sometime down the road.

You can listen to the podcast with Simon right here: http://jpantalleresco.podomatic.com/entry/2015-11-12T03_08_16-08_00

Stay Inspired everyone.

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