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It’s been over a year, and once again, My sweet, innocent…okay, that may be going a touch too far, but nonetheless, Rae Hope Pantalleresco returns to my blog.  Like from last time I talked to her,  She is doing another Art Show at the Lux Laundromat.  Unlike last time, I interviewed her for my podcast, Just Joshing.  She is Episode 7 and I couldn’t be prouder.

I believe in her.  I dedicated my book, Stormdancer to her.  Rae has always been talented.  Has been ever since she did her first bit of coloring at the age of six.  I’m going to tell you all a little secret;  six year old me had a hard time accepting that 5 year old little sister could already draw better than me.  Years later, I realize that may not seem like much of a feat.  But whether it’s her illustrations, her photography, or her paintings,  there is an amazing voice expressing fun and profound things.  I encourage each and every one of you to check out the show on Nov. 27th.

Here are some questions I asked Rae before the gala opened.


Joshua Pantalleresco:   Are you working on anything now that the show is up?

Rae Hope Pantalleresco:  Catching up on sleep! Bahaha. Kidding. My focus is more so planning for the future. I need a website, I need a plan. Those things take time. So does 131 pieces of art… so in GOOD news maybe the website won’t take quite as long. I had no flipping clue before today the total amount of work i had completed/prepped. 131 pieces. A lot of those are new. No wonder I am so tired. Quite a few of those did not exist before June. So much work in so little time. So I should have the website done… yesterday by my calculations.

JP:  Do you get nervous at your galas?

RHP:  Hmm.. yes. I think its pretty normal to have the anxiety and nagging thoughts that no one will show up. In good news, there is wine. Alcohol can coax all of the nerves away and if no one show up, then i can drink it all to feel better. Kidding. I am pretty lucky that I have really supportive people in my life. Really really lucky. At least one of them will show up at the open house… if I pay them enough.
In seriousness though… i do believe one of the roles of art is to bring people together. The fact that i have an opportunity to do just that is pretty rad. I’ll be the one drinking wine out of a bottle with a straw ps.. for those that i have yet to have the pleasure to meet. If we have met, it will be just another day.

JP:  So did you really take a nap at the laundromat?

RHP:  Ha, maybe… No i didn’t. I’d be in bed sleeping if it weren’t for my demanding brother wanting questions answered and photos #thelifeofacelebrity

JP: Anything you’d like to add?

RHP:  Please come check out my show! Wine doesn’t drink itself and the art definitely does not enjoy itself. Silly art. The address is 1211 14 Street SW Calgary.  The show is now up and running and you definitely do not have to wait until November 27 to check it out. Gerrit (the owner of the Lux) is great for conversation, and he welcomes visitors even if it is “just for the art.”

Also, to you Josh, give me your damn fries.

DSC_0039No sis, you can’t have my fries!  This is why I lied…ahem…embellished in my bio!

You can listen to my latest podcast here:  http://jpantalleresco.podomatic.com/entry/2015-11-05T01_27_10-08_00

Give it a listen and you will know how awesome she is.  If you can’t tell I’m proud of her, I am.

And always will.