Just Joshing Episode 10: Vanessa Cardui

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking with the title:  what in the hell happened to episode 9 with Randy McCharles?  I still haven’t received the answers to the questions with Randy yet, but when I do, I will happily post the blog here about it.  If you do want to hear the podcast withContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 10: Vanessa Cardui”

End of NanoWrimo

I don’t have anything magical planned or excuses to make.  I’m behind on the nanowrimo deal.  It always seems that i have things going on in November.  I’m moving, I have a day job, my podcast seems to be slowly rising in the podomatic rankings, and it’s been just a lot of time and energyContinue reading “End of NanoWrimo”

Just joshing Episode 8: Simon Rose

Simon Rose is no stranger to this blog.  Next to Dirk Manning I have probably interviewed Simon more than anyone else during my time doing these things.  Simon has made me a better interviewer and allowed me to perfect my style.  I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for it, and wanted him onContinue reading “Just joshing Episode 8: Simon Rose”

Just Joshing Episode 7: Rae Hope Pantalleresco

It’s been over a year, and once again, My sweet, innocent…okay, that may be going a touch too far, but nonetheless, Rae Hope Pantalleresco returns to my blog.  Like from last time I talked to her,  She is doing another Art Show at the Lux Laundromat.  Unlike last time, I interviewed her for my podcast,Continue reading “Just Joshing Episode 7: Rae Hope Pantalleresco”

Just Joshing Episode 6: Ella Beaumont

So I’m still catching up from the last couple of weeks here, so even though episode 7 of the podcast is live now, I’m focussing on Episode 6.   Ella Beaumont is kind of frightening.  Not because she is the all powerful acquisitions editor of Edge Publishing;  rather, very few people I’ve met come acrossContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 6: Ella Beaumont”

So I went to Winnipeg…

…and come back into NanoWrimo. Let’s talk about Winnipeg first.  It was a fantastic show.  I was told Winnipeg would be an amazing town for literary writers, and it was.  It was easily the best show for me in the year.  Two dozen books sold, and a fun, if a touch subdued atmosphere.  I gotContinue reading “So I went to Winnipeg…”

Just Joshing Episode 5 Part 2: Joanne Morcom

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I ended up going to two conventions on very short notice.  This isn’t going to get the attention it deserves, but it needs to go up now.  I mentioned Irish Beth Maddock in the last blog, and I am now going to mention the other guest on theContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 5 Part 2: Joanne Morcom”