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First things first:  I’m on Instagram!  Follow me at @jpantalleresco .  I’m still playing with the social media.  It’s more picture friendly, so it’s going to be tough I think to maintain interesting stuff.  We’ll see.  As is, should be a fun social media to experiment on.

I’m currently four episodes into my podcast Just Joshing.   Episode four, which features GMB Chomichuk can be heard here: http://jpantalleresco.podomatic.com/entry/2015-10-16T01_34_02-07_00

Give it a listen and come back.

It’s been a good experience.  I think my speech is improving with each episode.  Once the sixth episode is finished I’m going to review the show and tweak it.  I want to get better in this artform as well.  Upcoming guests by the way, for episode 5 is Joanne Morcum and Irish Beth Maddock.  Two very short but awesome interviews, plus I’ll be doing a reading from Stormdancer.

Episode 6 is my first publisher.  Well, my first representative of a publisher.  Ella Beaumont joins the show and we talk about e books and the evils of twitter.  It’s a fun one.

I’ve had a lot of fun doing the whole podcast thing.  It’s a little awkward, projecting yourself into the air like that.  That said, I miss the written interview.  I think the one on one conversation I do on the podcast is fine.  I like the interaction and doesn’t feel that much different than my previous interviews.  That said, a few of the guests are more reluctant to discuss some of the more interesting stories they normally do without being recorded.   Part of the fun for me doing interviews is to learn.   Not the big juicy secrets or rumors (not that kind of dude) more like there’s this invisible barrier.

Also, I want to do more School of Bitches type interviews.  Click here and here to read that interview.  I enjoyed the full creative team interview and want to do it again.   Expect to see more of those in the written form down the line.

I’m doing most likely my final appearance of t ohe year this weekend at SpecPro in Edmonton.  Come see me Friday, Saturday atnd Sunday at the Ramada convention center.  Should be fun.

Yeah, it’s only my second book, but it’s been a pretty productive last few months.  I honestly feel like things have changed since the book has been out.  Not sure how or why, but it seems like I’m more out there.  Not sure what it is, but I feel like I broke a barrier.   Not sure if it’s in my head, but it’s happening.  I’m becoming a writer first, and everything else second.

Final Note: if you are interested in buying some quality work from a quality inker, chekc out my friend Nicki Andrews out of the UK.   She is awesome, and made of cheese…well, awesome as the page attests.   I hope to get her on the podcast at some point.  Check out her page here:  https://www.facebook.com/NDA.Inks .