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I made it to episode 4, and the most nervous thing I can say is that I hope I got GMB’s name right in the podcast.  I’ve interviewed GMB before, and he is without a doubt one of the more talented individuals I’ve come across in any art.  He’s an amazing storyteller.  Take a look at his first work, The Imagination Manifesto, and he showed his chops and storytelling skills.  His creativity is off the charts, and his knowledge of how to tell a story has only grown since our last conversation.
What has blown me away is taking a look at his current website.  If you have about ten minutes give http://www.comicalchemy.blogspot.ca a look.  The whole look is genius.
It was a short but enjoyable conversation, but I encourage you to listen to episode 4 at the end of the blog.
But here are a few questions GMB answered to follow up the podcast for this blog.
GMBChomichukJoshua Pantalleresco: What are you working on this moment?
GMB Chomichuk:  Promoting Infinitum which you can buy here or
I am working on Midnight City a graphic novel serial  featuring a reimagining of dozens of public domain golden age pulp heroes and characters.  Midnight City begins as close as I’ve ever come to a standard super hero story, then gets very scary very quickly.
I have a Valkyrie Books Secret Edition coming out called SHARED WORLD. It contains a stone-age-sorcery-horror story I wrote with James Gillespie and another tale by talented Thunder Road author Chadwick Ginther. The Secret Editions are ultra limited runs you get em while you can this Central Canada Comic Con.
I’m also a creative director on a theatre project with Andraea Sartison called Red EARTH about the first manned mission to mars. 
I’m working on the follow up to Cassie and Tonk with Justine Currie. 
JP:   Do you see yourself ever writing prose?  Your descriptions in your books are good, and you’ve been playing with what’s not in sight of the reader.   Prose seems like it’d be easier to pull more tricks that way.  Am I wrong?
GMB:  I had and do write prose. You can find my prose work most recently in FRACTURED: Tales from the Canadian Post Apocalypse and SHARED WORLDS ( with Chadwick Ginther and James Gillespie ) . You can pull a lot of tricks in prose, but they are different tricks.  In comics the pictures can set tone and mood with colour and form, with prose you have the luxury of building an imaginary architecture for the readers imagination to inhabit.  I find that scary stories work differently in prose than the do in comics. Your mind is a powerful engine of fear. But if you show too much too soon the whole effect is lost. You need a slower pace with pictures to build up to a really scary scene. You need to establish the setting really well and have the characters emote visually though their expressions and body language.  That’s tough, that balance between prose and pictures is something I think I’ve really spent time on in Midnight City.
JP:   Reading your bio, I have to ask, is there anyone you are currently mentoring in the fight to make comics?
GMB:  There are a few. I believe strongly in the following adage:
There are three kinds of people you should balance your time with. Those whom you mentor, those who you see as your equal and those you look up to as a mentor.
JP: Anything else you’d like to add?
GMB:  If you want to make books or comics just remember that you should work everyday, but not be a slave to the process. Even one word is progress, but have more today than you did yesterday.
Anyone with any questions can reach me on Twitter and Instagram @gmbchomichuk
I encourage you to check out any of GMB Chomichuk’s works.  I still have a soft spot for the Imagination Manifesto, but after reading his answers, I want to give Midnight City a go.  But he has something for everyone.   And no matter what you choose, his stuff will hook you, grab you and bring you into intriguing worlds alien and familiar.  I thank GMB for taking some time for this.
Check out my full conversation with him on the podcast here: