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So it’s been a fun week of updates and stuff like that.

It’s no secret my book is out, but it may be a surprise to know that I’m appearing in all sorts of places this week.   First off, Mia Zephyr was very nice to let me guest write an entry in her blog.  As you know, I interviewed Mia a few months back.   She returned the favor with the release of Stormdancer.   Here’s my attempt to write about me, while complimenting Mia on her own work.  If you like that sort of thing, and maybe the secret to writing, click here and read about it.

But that’s not all.  I also did a guest blog on Sharon Ledwith’s blog as well.  In that one, I don’t really give so much sage advice about   Not only can you find out order information about Stormdancer, you can read about some of my own thoughts about life in general there.  I talk about a few of my own tragedies and how I use it to create the personas, (such as writer’s do create personas.   I think there’s a writing blog here somewhere.)  I also give hopefully some honest advice about life in general there.   Click right here to read about it.

And even then, that’s not all.  I was Mirror World’s first guest at Mirror World News.  Adam Giles did a very nice job interviewing me, and made me realize I still have a long way to go when it comes to public speaking.   You can click here and watch the first episode of Mirror World news.  The first episode can be watched right here.

I finally finished the Lita/Trish Rivalry series at Wrestling Glory Days.  You can read the conclusion right here.   This was a good experience.  The biggest lesson I learned from this:  Write all of the parts before you start them.  I only had two in the can when I started, figuring I’d just write one every two weeks.  Unfortunately, my schedule completely went out of hand on this.  Months later, I finally finished it.  That aside, I know that this multi part column spanning years of the career of two performers is something I’m going to do again someday, but for now, it’s going to be nice to get back to one and dones.

And finally, I’m continuing the Just Joshing Podcast.  This week’s guest is J.A. Mclachlan.   I am reading her book right now, and hope to have a good story or two when I finish it.  I record episode three today when you read this.  I’m hoping that my public speaking skills get a touch better.  Also, I need a logo for the whole thing.

I got this idea to invite indy bands to post a song of the week on the podcast.  It’d be a nice way to promote some local (or not local) talent to get their name out there.  Something to consider.  If you want to listen to the podcast, the address is http://jpantalleresco.podomatic.com

But as you can see, I’ve been busy working on getting Stormdancer out there.  I got them in the mail the other day.  I’m really proud of how they turned out.  It’s a bigger book.  I didn’t realize how much bigger until I put it against the Watcher.  Holy cow.  That’s really all I can say about it.

My book launch is this friday on facebook.  Check out http://www.mirrorworldpublishing.com for more details.  Until then, check out some of the links above.  This week seems to be very click worthy.

All in all, I’m happy.  The Storm is here indeed and hopefully soon, I’ll start seeing reviews for the book on Amazon.  Speaking of Amazon, the order link to Stormdancer is here.  If you do order it, leave a review alright?

With that, i’m back on the grind.

Stay Inspired.