The Storm Is Here.

I feel great.  It’s finally out and I’m ready to rock and roll.    I got to say here before I continue:  This has been a strange year.  A lot of things have happened, good,  bad and just strange, yet I can say that it’s been my most productive year to date.

Stormdancer is live right now.   Mirror World has a great preview to whet your appetite.  Check it out right here if you want to read a sample of Stormdancer.

Coinciding with the release of Stormdancer is my second episode of just Joshing.  This week’s guest is none other than the illustrator credited on the cover, Florence Chan.  We talk about Pez dispensers, her art career, and whatever else came up during our conversation.

So before you listen on the podcast, here are some brief questions I left for Florence to answer here.

Joshua Pantalleresco:  What are you working on right now?
Florence Chan:  I’m in between some bigger projects, but taking the opportunity to catch up on a number of tasks that have fallen by the wayside while I was more busy. I’m looking forward to Inktober, which I’ve always wanted to participate in but never found the time. (Basically, the challenge is to create an ink drawing for each day of the month).
JP:  SInce we last talked, are you working on any new mediums?
FC: I’ve mostly been refamiliarizing myself with travel brushes and watercolour paints, which offer a handy sketching medium to take out and about, since they are so compact. I’ve also been cleaning up some old brush pens in preparation for the ink work coming up, so I’m looking forward to playing with those again.
JP:   Will you work on book 3 with me?
FC:  Time permitting, I’d love to look in to how we can collaborate further!
JP:  What is the strangest thing I’ve asked you to draw?
FC:  I can’t really look at any of what you’ve asked for as strange – only an exciting challenge to convey in a meaningful way 🙂


Thanks Florence!  Click on the link below to hear a full conversation.   Florence is a pleasure to work with, and I am hoping we at least do one more book before we go our separate ways.  If you want to check out more of her work, check out her webpage at or her instagram and twitter handles of @florenceachan.

What are you waiting for?