Just Joshing Episode 5 Part 1: Irish Beth Maddock

This week’s podcast has two guests, so instead of the standard write up of the guest, I’ll be splitting this blog in two to give each guest their own spotlight.  Joanne’s will be online next tuesday.  Today, we focus on Irish Beth Maddock. Irish is a children’s author.  Her illustrated book The Great Carp EscapeContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 5 Part 1: Irish Beth Maddock”

Things I’ve Learned doing a podcast…

First things first:  I’m on Instagram!  Follow me at @jpantalleresco .  I’m still playing with the social media.  It’s more picture friendly, so it’s going to be tough I think to maintain interesting stuff.  We’ll see.  As is, should be a fun social media to experiment on. I’m currently four episodes into my podcast JustContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned doing a podcast…”

Just Joshing Episode 4: GMB Chomichuk

I made it to episode 4, and the most nervous thing I can say is that I hope I got GMB’s name right in the podcast.  I’ve interviewed GMB before, and he is without a doubt one of the more talented individuals I’ve come across in any art.  He’s an amazing storyteller.  Take a lookContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 4: GMB Chomichuk”

Just Joshing Episode 3: JA McLachlan

First and foremost, thank you very much everyone for making Stormdancer week a good one.  The book came out, got some nice reviews here and here, and I got to interact with a lot of friends.  It made me feel good, and hopefully, the book will sell.  The amazon link is once again right here.  PleaseContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 3: JA McLachlan”

Stormdancing Week

So it’s been a fun week of updates and stuff like that. It’s no secret my book is out, but it may be a surprise to know that I’m appearing in all sorts of places this week.   First off, Mia Zephyr was very nice to let me guest write an entry in her blog.Continue reading “Stormdancing Week”