Just Joshing Episode 1: Scott Burtness

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott when I attended When Words Collide this year.  Scott is a funny, charming, engaging dude that had a great time with his experience at the event, and was gracious enough to let me interview him for my podcast.  In fact, he is the first episode.  I feel likeContinue reading “Just Joshing Episode 1: Scott Burtness”

Learning from the Watcher

A lot to mention in this blog.  So much to talk about that It’s going to be broken up into two parts.   Let’s begin by saying my podcast will be up tomorrow.  I am literally a theme song away from posting episode one.  I am proud of myself.  I built an episode completely inContinue reading “Learning from the Watcher”

Just Joshing plus a special Stormdancer Preview

So yeah, I’m doing a podcast. By doing a podcast, I mean I have already interviewed some amazing people.   The idea of trying and doing one came about when I had the opportunity to interview a New York times best selling author.  It occured to me that I have this phone, this tricorder thatContinue reading “Just Joshing plus a special Stormdancer Preview”

Acknowledging the Day Job and the Changing Winds…

So if you are reading this, you’ll note a couple of things.  For one, my next book is out.  For another, the address of the blog has changed.  Soon the name will too.  I’m working on making this blog a little more towards what I always envisioned when I did interviews. I’m talking about aContinue reading “Acknowledging the Day Job and the Changing Winds…”