Hello philosophy.

It’s been a little bit since I’ve done a writing blog.  It will be a little bit before you see interviews again.  There are some things developing, and while I will talk about them all in a week or so, I just want to do a simple writing blog.

Today I want to ask an aspiring writer a question:  Who are you?

No, I’m not interested in your name.  I mean, I am interested in your name, but not in the context of this question.  I am talking about you as a person.   Because I’m going to let you in on a secret that took me about fifteen years to figure out as a writer.

Put it another way:  There are no new stories.  It doesn’t matter what the idea is;  there are about four or five different stories altogether that have been told and retold over and over again.  But each writer has something that no other writer has.

Ourselves.  There is no one quite like ourselves.  We are unique, one of a kind individuals that only come around once.  What we put into our stories is ourselves, as we attempt to speak and shape the world around us with our words and thoughts.

So look at your experiences, and look at your thoughts, feelings, and questions in life.  What do you care about?  What do you believe in?  It’s that moment when you stop looking at just what is in your head and looking into your heart.  What’s there?  Because that my friends is when you step from good writing to great writing.

The plot doesn’t matter.   It can be angels fighting unicorns in outer space.  It can be robots battling zombies in the apocalypse.   The idea needs to grab attention, but it is you that keeps them there.

I’ll let you in on one last secret before I close.   I interview people for three reasons.  Two of them are selfish;  I won’t get into them here.  What I will tell you is the fun reason.

People in general are awesome.  We all got great stories, great light in us, and to get a chance to talk to people about their own ways of looking of the world is amazing.  There are a lot of good people out there  and its great to see people shine.

If you understand what I’m saying, I hope you take the time to explore the heart.  I’ll let you in on a secret:  you’re probably pretty awesome underneath all that.  Let it come out on the page.  So I got you one question now as I close this:

Who are you?