A Lost Interview with Justine Alley Dowsett

So I got a confession to make before the interview is thrown down;  i lost this interview.  Justine and I started chatting about this stuff months ago.   Justine has been doing a magnificent job building  up Mirror World Publishing’s selection of books.   Her latest launch occurred just yesterday with The Coffee Monster by Nate Friedman.  Justine and her partner in crime Murandy Damodred have been assembling an amazing ensemble of authors including Shannon Ledwith, Matthew Freake, and um, well, this guy here.  (What a loser).

So we talked about a few things and disappeared.  Somehow in the process of moving and a zillion other things, this interview disappeared, leaving only a remnant of it behind.

I got the chance to have another conversation with Justine here, and we talk about a few things here and there.  We talk about her publishing schedule, her own writing, and a few other things here and there.  The interview is below.


Joshua Pantalleresco: I feel so bad doing this.

Justine Alley Dowsett: About what?

JP: I lost the whole first interview. I feel bad.

JD: It happens.

JP: So how you holding up?

JD: I’m doing pretty good. I’m releasing twelve books this year.

JP: I see that. Health wise how you holding up?

JD: It’s stressful…

JP: I totally see that.

JD: But it’s a good kind of stress you know? This is exactly what I want to do and it’s happening.

JP: You got a lot to be proud of. But I have to wonder, are you going to be able to keep up the pace next year?

ShedreamedofdragonsJD: We are not planning to. This year is about getting a bunch of books out there. Next year is about only releasing a handful of books and focus on building our brand.

JP: How are the books doing?

JD: Very well. We have a bunch of authors in a bunch of cities and everyone is chipping in on the plugging of books. It has added to sales across the board.

JP: You finally got into chapters from what I see.

JD: Yes we did!

JP: Congratulations!

JD: Thank you. You can get Mirror’s Hope, Forbidden, Disenchanted and The Last Timekeepers Time Travel Series will be going in there soon. We’re still cracking new stores in the Windsor area. The bookstore you told me about PB Books has your book there. It’s doing really well there.

JP: Awesome.

JD: She was a little skeptical, but apparently the first book sold in minutes once she said yes.

JP: I’ll take that. So, what’s next writing wise for you?

JD: We’re still a little undecided on that one. I have this project I really want to do. Unintended opened up some doors and there’s something else I want to try. Murandy (Damodred, co publisher, writer extraordinaire, the devil is scared of her.) wants to do the third book in the Mirror World sequel.

JP: So what’s this secret project about?

JD: Can’t tell you. I’ll talk about it when it’s finished.

JP: Fair enough. So you guys going to settle this in Mortal Kombat style?

JD: No. Laughs I can handle it if it came to that. I used to swordfight back in my theatre days.

JP: Oh cool. What did you use?

JD: A long sword, and a short one. I’m pretty confident I can handle Murandy if it came to that, but in all seriousness, we’re going back and forth.

JP: Unintended is your next book?

JD: Yes, and it’s all your fault.

JP: My fault?

JD: Yes. During your autograph signing down here, you mentioned how well Murandy and I just worked together back and forth and that we should try and write a comedy. We wrote Unintended like that and it worked out really well.

JP: I guess I corrupted you guys. Awesome. Can’t wait to read it.

JD: It’s good. I’m really happy with it.

JP: How’s your husband?

JD: He’s good.

JP: I know I amuse the heck out of him online.

JD: You do.

JP: He really enjoyed the beef bowl challenge.

JD: He did. He was kind of sad he wasn’t a part of it.

JP: Next time. Truthfully one guy finished it.

JD: Really?

JP: Yeah. He disappeared into a food coma afterwards. The rest of us tried. The beef wasn’t the hard part. The rice dimension just was a killer.

JD: It would be. I have a friend who did something similar out here. It was close to the same thing.Mirrorshope

JP: I’m going to have to make that challenge when I come back in town for Stormdancer. Hmm. We’re near the end of this interview. So I got to ask, what’s the focus?

JD: This year is all about getting a bunch of books out there. We have a ton of nice books coming out. Others like Forbidden are already out there. For me personally, Mirror’s Heart came out earlier this year and Unintended is coming out soon. We’re going and I’m doing the things I want to do.

JP: Put it that way, its sounds awesome.

JD: It is, and the best is yet to come.

JP: One last question before I disappear. What kind of branding are you aiming for with Mirror World Publishing?

JD: Mirror World Publishing books are books that allow readers to escape reality and journey into imaginative new worlds.

JP: Sounds cool. Thanks Justine!

JD: Thank you.


Thanks Justine!

To take a look at Mirror World’s Schedule check out Mirror World’s Website at http://www.mirrorworldpublishing.com.  There you can find not just the books, but news and upcoming events.  Currently, The Coffee Monster is being launched by Nate Friedman and you can check it out wherever books are sold.  Mirror World had a twitter account at @mirrorworldpub.   If you want to read Justine’s work, I recommend currently Mirror World by herself and Murandy Damodred.   I cannot wait for Unintended by these two.

Once again, thank you for Justine for her patience and understanding as I recovered this lost interview.   I can’t wait to see what Mirror World has coming up the rest of the year.   Check it out.

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3 thoughts on “A Lost Interview with Justine Alley Dowsett

  1. Corrupted or not, you two crack me up! Great interview! Looking forward to seeing awesome things happening with Mirror World Publishing! Even if Murandy scares the devil. A good team to be on for sure… LOL!

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