Talking Fine Art with Dawn Wood

I somehow managed to Rope Dawn Wood into doing an interview with me in which we talked about her art career and her ventures into things like illustration and a few other awesome things here and there.   I found Dawn to be funny, engaging, and proud of her accomplishments which speak for themselves.  Continue reading “Talking Fine Art with Dawn Wood”

Five Questions with Sharon Ledwith

So this is Part one of a two part crossover.  I arranged to interview Sharon to do a multi blog epic interview where we each take turns interviewing the other.  My life became a touch insane so this has taken longer to start with than anticipated.  That said, upon conversation I discovered something very important.Continue reading “Five Questions with Sharon Ledwith”

Tin Foil Buster Swords are made of chocolate or My Phoenix Comiccon experience

I love the Phoenix Comic Con.   I consider it my lucky convention.  Good things always seem to happen to me there, and this year was no exception. I arrived at the con just at the nick of time.   In fact, the only complaint about the whole show was the very beginning.  The blueContinue reading “Tin Foil Buster Swords are made of chocolate or My Phoenix Comiccon experience”