I got a lot to get to this week but something hit me last week. People are angrier than ever aren’t they? Outrage is everywhere these days. We are outraged that the joker has tattoos. We are outraged that the cigarettes we buy at the gas station are now hidden. We are outraged about what the current crop of politicians say. We are outraged.

Even me.

Last week reading Ales Kot’s and Tess fowler’s tweets reminds me that there is a lot if garbage even in an industry I enjoy. It pisses me off that some of the things I read there happened. I have a sister who illustrates and the idea that she would have to deal with this stuff makes me ill.

But even if I do something about those people, others would take their place. Being outraged will not change any of that.

But lately it seems like the knee jerk reaction to everything we don’t like or imagine or envision, not just for the injustices of the world.

I have a theory. I think for the most part, all of us feel disconnected from the Outside. Large, seismic, sweeping changes are happening all around us every day. A lot of people feel insignificant about it. Our leaders don’t talk to us, we are drowning in debt and crisis, and larger problems loom on the horizon.

I think the sheer scope of it, combined with a sense of entitlement creates this outrage, anger, and fear.

That’s my theory anyway. What to do about it? I have no idea really. I think people need to accept things are changing. We can’t live just in our bubbles. A whole wide world is out there. We all have to live in it and with each other. accepting that might be a good first step.

Maybe then we can talk to each other and move on past raging.

Okay. Next week we finally return to regularly scheduled programming. Until then let’s stop being quite so angry. Me included.

Stay inspired.