Outrage and Fear – How one impacts the other

I got a lot to get to this week but something hit me last week. People are angrier than ever aren’t they? Outrage is everywhere these days. We are outraged that the joker has tattoos. We are outraged that the cigarettes we buy at the gas station are now hidden. We are outraged about whatContinue reading “Outrage and Fear – How one impacts the other”

Appearance Schedule (So Far) 2015

Lots of cool things on the horizon and I’m starting to spill some beans with this here little blog.  To begin with, I’m going to be doing two cons in the span of five weeks.  The first one is next weekend at Calgary Con.  I will be there with the super awesomely talented Twyla AprilContinue reading “Appearance Schedule (So Far) 2015”

Random Updates April 2015

This is going to be kind of a little bit of everything.   I’m hoping next week to finally be able to showcase something awesome and unique and original.  There has been a little recession in Calgary and it has slowed some things down, namely me getting some video software.  This weekend I hope toContinue reading “Random Updates April 2015”