Young Me vs. Me Today

I’ve had this broken novel for awhile now.  It was my first novel, the one I started and finished during my high school run.  It’s why this site is named Michael Through Time.  It’s my first novel.

For the longest time I’ve wondered what to do.  I’ve written quite a bit since I started that journey 20 years ago.  To say that my writing style is different today is an understatement.  Even now after all this time it’s still growing and changing.   But it annoyed me that I never quite got this story right.

Reading it the last few weeks has made me cringe, yet there’s a part of me that still feels like I can fix it and make it better.  Yet there is a challenge.  Thirteen year old me has a voice and still has a say in this story.  The voice is rawer, but in some ways far more genuine than mine is now.  I can’t do some of the things he can.

What I can do is fill in the gaps.  I can fix the smaller errors in the hope that his voice can shine through.  I can write a different story, but it’s not the story that he wrote.  And I want younger me to be proud of what he did.  He deserves that.

So I intend to finish it.  One thing doing this is that this is a bigger work than I thought.  The first chapter is as big as some of the interviews in this blog, which is impressive.  Some are larger and some are smaller, but this is a big piece.  Will it be quite this big when I’m done?  I’m not sure.  It’s something I got to work with as I plow through chapter two.

I hope you enjoy the story.  It’s called Michael Through Time and young me really did his best crafting this together.  I hope you read it with him in mind.  Any mistakes that exist today all are due to me today, and for that I will apologize.  I hope you give the story a shot.  There will be attempts to update it weekly, although frankly I know some chapters are better than others.  So there may be an odd delay here and there.

That said, I hope you like it.  Read the first chapter at wattpad now: Copy and paste this link right here: or just click here to begin.   Thank you in advance.  I hope you enjoy it.

I dedicate this story to younger me, who dared to me, and to older me, who dared to try and follow the trail he set long ago.  Also, two more people to thank.  One is Weslie Dengate, my grade eight teacher, and Mr. Marvin Sharpe, my grade eleven teacher.  Without them I wouldn’t be who I was today, and this story much like them, shaped it.

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I write and I wander. I am currently in Canada, tomorrow who is to say? I just released Veritas, my first comic, done with Craig Cermak and Jim Reddington. I currently write columns for and I have published essays, worked on magazines and movies and am working on my first novel, graphic novels and am planning on committing suicide on my first feature film. I chase my dreams wherever I may go. When I'm not writing I work on a day job and read, play video games and magic and chase girls. Sometimes I even catch them.

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