A Conversation with Aviva Bel’Harold

It’s about time I have Aviva on the blog.  We’ve talked about her being interviewed here forever.   Aviva has had a lot of success.  Her novel, Blood Matters has just been re-released thanks to Edge publishing.  Aviva is an independent author that has worked her way up into the ranks and is gradually makingContinue reading “A Conversation with Aviva Bel’Harold”

Young Me vs. Me Today

I’ve had this broken novel for awhile now.  It was my first novel, the one I started and finished during my high school run.  It’s why this site is named Michael Through Time.  It’s my first novel. For the longest time I’ve wondered what to do.  I’ve written quite a bit since I started thatContinue reading “Young Me vs. Me Today”

Passion and the Financial Conundrum

So yeah, you know, the writing thing… Here’s some financial realities for me in the next few months.  I have to move.  I’m okay with this.  I’ve been needing to move for a long time.  Calgary up until this point, has been a touch difficult to find an apartment in.  I’ve dealt with crazy dancingContinue reading “Passion and the Financial Conundrum”

The Pursuit of New Experiences with Simon Rose

Before we begin this interview, I want to point out that my third installment of my Wrestling Column for Wrestling Glory Days is now live.  Click here in order to read my column and its archives. I’ve talked to Simon Rose on several occasions now.  Each time we chat we seem to go all over theContinue reading “The Pursuit of New Experiences with Simon Rose”