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I have to be honest.  This week was kind of disappointing.

Some good things did come out of it.   First off, The Watcher is officially released…on kindle.  (More when we get to the bad news.)  You can check out the link right here: http://www.amazon.ca/Watcher-Joshua-Pantalleresco-ebook/dp/B00KME05QS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403077489&sr=8-1&keywords=Joshua+Pantalleresco if you wish to.  If you would be so kind, if you are so inclined to purchase, feel free to write a review?  If you bought the Smashwords version, this is not the same draft.  A lot of the mistakes were cleaned up and the book is much more polished.

I’ll be making the Smashwords version free starting Monday.   I’m really happy with  the new version, but I’m still proud of the older edition.  For all its flaws, it managed to open doors for me I never walked on on my own before.  It will let me people get a look at the baby pictures of the book.  I want to take this moment though to thank each and every person who bought a copy of the Smashwords version.  I know who some of you are, and will be contacting you when I get the print edition.

Which brings me to the disappointing part of the week.  June 17th has come and gone, and while the Amazon version was alive and well, the print version has not been released yet.  I contacted my publisher on tuesday  to see what was going on with the book.    It turns out there was something overlooked.  While the problem has been solved, the book is now delayed a couple of weeks.  Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but this week it hit hard because I was planning on going to Vancouver next weekend to start promoting the Watcher at cons.

There is no reason for that to happen now.   It sucks.  I will have The Watcher in July.  I just won’t have it right away.

To make matters worse, Paradigm was stuck forever in customs.  It will arrive too late for me to go to the con in Medicine Hat.  I’ll have that book likely Monday, but I still will not have that book by the time I needed to.

Timing is everything and this week it was off.  I will get over it, but man, right now, it is disappointing.

I’ll live though.

On the plus side, next week I will have copies of Paradigm for sale.  I will have my interview with Larime Taylor up and running.   Outside of that, I’m securing an interview with a publisher.  It’s going to be interesting talking to him about the state of the book industry as we know it.   I got Paradigm pages coming out and another project begins.

Finally, when I know when the Watcher hits print, you will all be the first to hear of it.

Things don’t always go to plan.   That said, there’s no reason to stop.  I won’t.

Thanks for reading all.

Let’s end this blog on more good news.   If you can’t get enough of me there, I was interviewed recently by Andrew Lorenz, returning the favor on his blog.  Check out the interview here:  http://captainawesomesrealmofawesomeness.blogspot.ca/2014/06/interview-with-joshua-pantalleresco.html

Stay inspired.