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First and foremost, let me begin by mentioning some of the things that happened this week.  Pages 6 and 7 are now live at http://paradigmcomic.wordpress.com.  Every Monday and Wednesday a new page is up.  It’s illustrated by Twyla April, lettered by James Reddington and written by yours truly.  Right now I’m working on the inside front and back pages and getting ready to have the printing process started later today.  By the time I’m in Vancouver next month, there will be physical copies available.  In the meantime, if you feel like giving some comments, feel free to go to http://paradigmcomic.wordpress.com and check it out.

Really proud of the interview I managed to pull off with Tommy Hancock.  His answer about pulp is one of the coolest answers I’ve ever seen.  You got to see his passion come out big time with that answer.   Take a look at that interview right here. Read this and let me know.

Calgary Comic Con was fun.  I only was there two days but it was great to chat up with people like Riley Rossmo, Scott Kowalchuk and meet cool dudes like Jim Zub and Andy Suriano.  I haven’t had any new material for a while so I worked on the networking bit.  It was fun and I shook a lot of hands and caught something impossible while I was through it.  It’s the longest I’ve had a sinus infection…well, ever.    Peppermint essential oil is sincerely a sinus infection butt kicker.  When I finally tried it, the nose cleared it off in about two minutes.  Fun stuff, but it put me behind.   I’m still catching up on things as I write this, but I’m doing my best to catch up a bit at a time.

Now that I’m back and my usual carefree self, I want to talk about June 17th.  It cannot come soon enough.

Because of this.


9780992049027-Perfect copy

Pretty cool huh?

It’s a surreal feeling seeing your book in advance, what it’s going to be like in print.    I like it.  I really do.  It will be available everywhere June 17th.   I hope you all give the book a shot.  I’m proud of it, and it’s finally in print and it’s the first time a book of mine is being published by a publisher, which is pretty damn cool from where I sit.

Hope to see you then, because believe me, there is more.