Talking the New Guard with Andrew Lorenz

A real quick blurb here before I begin:  Paradigm happens every monday and wednesday and is drawn by Twyla April, Lettered by James Reddington, and written by this bum over here.  Check it out at http;//   Head on over there first.  I’ll be right back here in a jiffy.

Welcome back.

Almost two weeks ago, I interviewed Andrew which you can read on the link right here.    I continue this interview here, talking about some of his other projects and the co-writing process.

Joshua Pantalleresco:  Who are your influences?

Andrew Lorenz:  Some of the comic book creators that have influenced me are guys like Geoff Johns, James Robinson, and Fabian Nicieza. Writers who have excelled at telling small stories with deeper over-arcing storylines. That’s the stuff that as I reader I’ve always enjoyed. Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series was also an influence as was Robert B. Parker’s All Our Ysterdays- I love generational stories. In terms of influence that might not show on the pages but people that I try to learn from as a “professional” I would have to cite Ron Marz and Canadian author A.P Fuchs as two names; both are consummate professionals who I strive to be more like- both have great advice and I’ve always found them to be very open to providing advice to up-and-coming writers. I suggest reading Marz’s Self Life column on Comic Book Resources and Fuchs’ Getting Down and Digital which is an excellent book for anyone looking to self-publish.

JP:  Do you draw?  If so, what?

AL: Unfortunately I do not draw. Well, I do, just terribly. My stickmen look like they got hit by a very large bus. Luckily I’ve managed to find a really great group of artists that make my scripts look even better than what they are.

JP:  Tell me a little about New Guard.

AL:   New Guard is set in the “future”. Using LEGACY as our guide, if #1 is the present, we’re at about LEGACY #55 when New Guard #1 occurs.

New Guard features a group of young superhumans that still seek to “fight the good fight” despite the fact that most of the world no longer trusts in its powered defenders. A global event has caused the populace to feel a lot less safe and many countries have even out-lawed the possession of extra-human abilities. Sometimes that means imprisonment, in some cases death. The members of New Guard have all joined the team for different reasons, but they all believe that heroes are still needed.
And they are. New threats are emerging from the shadows and New Guard might be the only thing standing between them and the people of Earth. Wanted or not, they have a job to do. No matter the cost.
JP:   So what’s co writing like in comics?  Do you enjoy that kind of collaboration?
AL: New Guard #2 is the first book that I’m working with another writer on and I have to say it was a lot of fun. Very different but fun. In this case, I came up with the rough idea, Christine (Steendam, my co-writer) and I brainstormed some visuals/scenes and then she wrote the story based off that. Since I self-publish I acted as editor on her work- more because it was her first time writing a comic book script than anything- but she did a great job on it. It’s a very intense/personal story featuring a younger female character (Firefly) and I wanted to make sure that the emotions rang true, which is why I was happy to have Christine come on and write it. I think she brought a real sense of authenticity to it that I might not have; being a male in my 30s. Plus Christine is a helluva writer and I was happy to have a chance to work with her. I think the brainstorming part was some of the most fun I’ve had since I started; as you know writing can be a pretty solitary thing and getting to share in that was a lot of fun. The artists always bring their thoughts to the table too, but it’s usually after the fact- when the script is already done. Would I co-write a book again? Probably. If the story was something that both parties wanted a part in.
Thanks Andrew!New Guard Cover
Before I talk about Andrew, very quickly if you want to hear about Christine Steendam, her webpage is at and her twitter handle is  @ChrisSteen1991.  Once again, Andrews website can be found at this address here:  Here you’ll find info on Andrew’s current products.   His facebook is for September 17 productions right here at and finally you can follow Andrew on twitter and hear his proclamations on Boston finally winning one on Detroit

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