Introducing Drea Darc


Passion is something I respect in everyone.   Each and every person I have interviewed on my blog to date is someone that has chased what matters to them.  It takes guts to follow your dreams.   In high school, I got the privilege of hearing a very talented young lady at the time sing on a regular basis head and shoulders above pretty much everyone else.  I figured if she pursued it, she’d be successful.

Flash forward a little over a decade to about a year or so ago, I found some of her songs on her soundcloud page,  loaded with songs that were both covers and originals.    There is an r and b flavor to her music – in particular, I can hear influences like Mariah Carey in her work.  That said, there is a gravity to her voice and her songs, not only the messages but I think because Drea has experience in a lot of heavy topics which gives a very nice maturity and substance to her sound.

While she’s able to add her own twists while staying true to the covers that are available, I enjoy her original stuff better.  My personal favorites on her soundcloud or youtube are “Forgiving Me” and “Perceive”.  Lately on her facebook page, she has been promoting her participation in CBC’s Music Search Light Contest.  I asked her if she liked to be interviewed, and she said yes.

I talk to Drea about her music, the contest and her future in music.  I enjoyed the conversation and hope you will too.

Joshua Pantalleresco:   What’s the difference do you think between Drea Darc music and your past music?

Drea Darc:  The difference between Drea Darc music now and my past music is that I am more experienced, I have matured and improved as an artist. I  have learned to be myself and not what other people want me to be!

JP:  Is the name “Drea Darc” a comfort thing, or a natural evolution?

DD:  I think it is both.   I am very comfortable as Drea Darc but it naturally happened over the years. It started when I first started posting my music online on MySpace and a young fan asked if she could call me Drea.  I was like yeah I like that a lot!

JP:  Describe that creative difference then and now the experience today.

DD:  When I first started writing I thought everything had to be like all the other artists and it all rhymed too much and it wasn’t unique enough. I started looking for unique soulful beats (which I buy from a few different Beat Producer’s online). Once I found my vibe with them the lyrics would just flow so easily! If I don’t feel a beat in my soul then I can’t write to it. I keep my lyrics real as if I am telling a story or speaking on something close to my heart!

JP:  How long have you been doing music?

DD:  I have been singing since I was very young (6ish or so not exactly sure).  It all started at home – my father was a great singer and he was always singing and getting us to sing. I sang at church and in school plays until I was in Grade 8. Once I hit high school I mostly sang cover songs and entered singing competitions. It wasn’t until Grade 12 when a Local Hip Hop Group the Lo Kreepaz asked me to sing on some of their songs and I was hooked on making my own music and had found my style and passion. I started writing and recording my Original music in 2002 and still I am still doing it. So about 15 years of writing and recording.

JP:  Who are your influences?

DD:  I have so many influences but I will just give you my top five:   Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, No Doubt, Aaliyah and Madonna really anything from the early to mid 90’s and I love Motown music!

JP:    What’s in your ipod/phone/cd player at the moment?

DD:  I have a huge mix of music on my IPod & Phone which both have similar Artists (Alicia Keys, Brandy, Monica, Christina Aguilera, Emeli Sande, The Fugees, Jamie Grace, LeCrae, Mariah Carey, Shad, No Doubt, Rachael Lampa, Robyn, Tamia, Stevie Wonder, Toby Mac and lots more lol

In my car right now I am listening to the new Shakira Album that just came out this week!
JP:   Can you tell me the story about the song Perceive?
DD:  The Story about Perceive, well it is very personal it is about my own body image struggles over the years. It is about how I see myself is not always how others see me. That I am loved even when I don’t love myself. It is about how I feel the struggle is even harder now for this generation of youth then it was for me. So many fake images of photo shopped perfect models fogging young ones minds!
JP: Did  anything else inspired it?
DD:  My own personal struggles even as an adult, also I have some young cousins and a “Little Sister” and I see the struggles they have. I just really want them to know they are loved and their is more to us as people on inside that matters then on the outside!
JP:    So if you were to perform on a stage, what’s ideal for you?  You just singing, or a band?

DD:  Both!   I would love to experience both but some songs are ok to be on there own…just depends on the song!

JP:  When will this happen?

DD:  I am not sure I have a lot of things going on personally and musically.   Hopefully sooner then later but right now just writing and recording and doing contests is a lot. At the same time if I was asked to perform live I would definitely consider it!

JP: How did you get involved in the contest?
DD: I have had my music up on the CBC Radio Music  site since before they started this contest last year.   Because I am an artist on the site they sent me an email about the contest last year. I entered last year and I thought I would give it a try again this year!
JP:   So if you win, what happens next?
DD:  The grand prize, includes $20,000 worth of music equipment from Yamaha Canada Music, a professional recording with CBC Music, and an opening spot on a high profile music showcase.  Hopefully it will make it even easier for me to record and write my own original music. It would also be great to have guidance and advice from professionals. I also really want to perform live!
JP:  I’ve listened to quite a bit of your track list.  If I had to pin you down, what do you think you are trying to say with your music?
DD:  We all have a story, we have all been through something. It is important to share our story, we never know who we may help be doing so!



Thanks Drea!

First things first; you can find Drea’s page on the CBC Searchlight contest right at this link here:   Go visit and give her a vote.  There is no registration or identity request and you can vote once a day any time.  All votes count.  Let’s make something happen here.   Drea’s Facebook page is  Her youtube channel is here and you can follow her at twitter .   Her webpage is at and her soundcloud is at  I want to thank Drea for her time and enthusiasm for this interview.

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