Anything Seven: Cutting or Observations Writing current novel

Alright, let’s get some news out of the way before we get to the writing part of this little column.

Kory M Shrum interviewed me on her blog which you can click on the link to read.  I’m on the meet um mondays part of the board.  It’s kind of weird being interviewed.  You hope you sound somewhat intelligent, and upon reading it, I find I sound more like a designer (mayhap a pretentious one) than a writer.   In any case, it’s a cool read and I want to thank Kory for returning the favor.  Her book, Dying For A Living is awesome and worth checking out.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk a little shop.

I’ve been trying to write this novel off and on for a year.  There have been a number of challenges putting this together.  The first challenge is that I butchered the first draft.  I edited, re-edited, counter-edited and edited every which way you could.  What ended up happening was that I put together this convoluted mess of a story with a good idea buried beneath it.  I gave it some time and decided to try the story again.

Parts of it sing to me.  The two main female protagonists are easy to write by and large.  One of them just can’t shut up.  It’s like a never ending stream of conciousness and prose.  The main male character works too.  He’s my personal favorite to write.  He’s one of those out of the box eccentric genius types – kind of like my dad.    Just realized that now.

That said, I’ve tried writing a few new things into the story, but I just can’t get anywhere.  It seems to me that i just can’t get into my villain in the novel.   Not to say that there isn’t the need for said villain, but as a main written piece it seems like he’s missing something.  Talking in grand over the top prose at times is neat, but this novel just doesn’t want to go that way.   As I write this, I realize that the villain of the piece really doesn’t have to show up until the end.  There is a natural progression to their end point without them being talked about too much.

The other thing is the new element I introduced.  While an interesting story, I think it’d be better as a short told elsewhere or a subplot to the whole thing.  It just isn’t something I’m ready to write in any other way.

In every story I think, as a writer, you have to be conscious about what your story needs, and also what is clicking for you as the writer.  If you are writing nothing but stuff that bores you or is stuff that makes you uncomfortable in the writing process, it will not translate to the reader.  In short, it just doesn’t work.

So now I have murder my darlings.

In my younger days I would have been loath to do this, but for every writer out there, it is necessary.   Recognizing what doesn’t work in the story and what does is worth the price of making the story better.    That’s what it’s all about in the end right?

I guess I have matured.

Now to murder and plunder and cast things into that silver furnace of creation, destruction and alchemy.  Hopefully what I make will be better.

Only one way to find out.



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