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So, can I finish a novel in thirty days?

I’m not talking Nanowrimo.  It’s a great contest and one of these years I will do it.  Rather, I have a nice big giant novel that needs to be rewritten and done.  Parts of it are clear as a bell, and others are a great mystery.  You see, I’m rebuilding this novel, discarding all the bits I didn’t like when I edited, re-edited and obliterated the manuscript in the process.

I took the pieces I liked and started a new plot.  I’m not sure it’s going to work out, but we’re going to give it a go.  I’m 20k in and having a blast.  I’d like this year to be productive.  I have a comic being inked at the moment and I just published The Watcher in December.  Between writing the sequel to The Watcher, the comic, another project that’s done but for the shouting and something I can’t talk about yet, It’s shaping up to be a pretty productive year.

This is the life I want.  I didn’t want to be someone that punched in on a nine to five job.  Hopefully between all I’m doing I’ll crawl into my own direction sooner rather than later.

I think I’m going to be doing three cons in the spring and three in the fall.  It’ll leave my summer open for local events and other cool ideas to try and do in the future to promote in the down time.

Have some pretty cool interviews coming up as well for the site.  It’s going to be a good month of stuff to do.

So I better get started.

One last time, before you leave, check out The Watcher available in pretty much any eformat you like.  More and more people are checking it out.  It’s a nice surprise and the reviews from the people that have read it have been positive.  Give it a shot.

My next post on the blog will be an interview.  I promise it’ll be a doozy.