To Opa, it’s the bottom of the ninth and tigers are winning, one last time…

I’m writing this at nearly midnight Monday January 27th, in Calgary Alberta, waiting for a phone call I know will signal the end of my grandfather’s life in Windsor Ontario.  This morning I received a phone call that my grandfather had a stroke.  I had no idea of the severity at the time, and wouldn’tContinue reading “To Opa, it’s the bottom of the ninth and tigers are winning, one last time…”

Anything 4: Thirty Day Challenge and project list

So, can I finish a novel in thirty days? I’m not talking Nanowrimo.  It’s a great contest and one of these years I will do it.  Rather, I have a nice big giant novel that needs to be rewritten and done.  Parts of it are clear as a bell, and others are a great mystery. Continue reading “Anything 4: Thirty Day Challenge and project list”

Anything Number Three: There is more.

If you’ve been paying attention to my twitter account, you’ll find that whenever I talk about my work The Watcher I mention the hashtag #thereismore.   I came across the whole idea of there is more when I finished the book Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.  One of the tenets he mentioned most Christians do believeContinue reading “Anything Number Three: There is more.”