Enter the School of Bitches Part Two

I know about you guys, but I’ve had a blast so far with this interview.  Part one can be read right at this link right here.  I encourage a quick read of it before starting down this, but regardless, it’s entertaining and insightful.  I’m not going to add much more than what I said lastContinue reading “Enter the School of Bitches Part Two”

Enter the School of Bitches Part 1

This wasn’t what I expected when I looked this guys up on twitter.  I was expecting some kind of ninja comic, or maybe even some kind of fetish comic.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled into something epic like Genesis Chapter XVI: Virtue Chronicles Part One.  It threw me off, but it made me turnContinue reading “Enter the School of Bitches Part 1”

The Amazing Ksenia Anske

Before we begin, I’m going to take a moment to shill out my most recent release, The Watcher is now available at this page right here, in a multitude of formats including Kobo, Kindle and Sony.  You can check it out now at this link and download a sample.  If you like it, please spreadContinue reading “The Amazing Ksenia Anske”