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I’ve been off this blog a lot longer than planned.  You see, I figured that I’d have found a place within a couple of weeks at the end of April and I’d be on my way.  I have a good day job, and I’d be able to concentrate on freelancing full time.

We are now in July, and I swear to the universe I’ve seen everything these last few months.  Crazy landlords wanting full security checks, (fingerprints and all) to a letter from nigeria (I kid you not.  It happened.) to a lot of waiting. I’ve spent so much time looking for a place I’m sick of it.  It’s interfering in my plans and put some things behind.

I’ve set a financial goal.  If I hit that financial goal before I find a place, I will leave Calgary.  I find it absurd that I can’t find a place.  I will not put up with it.

I didn’t come here to settle.  I can settle anyplace, anytime I choose.  Life is just too short – if you aren’t doing what you feel called to do, then why the hell are you here? 

Needless to say, I’m pressing on with the freelancing and the hunt for an apartment resumes.  I have some goals next year and they matter to me.  I will have a comic finished by the end of the year – maybe two, maybe three (!) and one of them will not only be written, but drawn by me.

That’s right.  I’m only starting, and I’m terrible, but I’m doodling.  In the fall I will start a story where being bad, might actually be a good thing.  More to come.

A long overdue interview will be going up soon.  In the meantime, if you are in calgary and reading this, I’m looking for an apartment…for a little while longer anyways.