Stretching Boundaries with Visha Loo

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I’m at the Blind Beggar’s pub in Calgary, at a photo magazine launch party for Jeremy Adshade. His wife, Visha Loo is going to be performing in about twenty to twenty five minutes. Vishais a contortionist. She is incredibly bendy and anyone that has seen her perform will attest that she is talented and entertaining.

I met Visha in passing when we were working on Agophobia. She has since become a household name in Calgary in Contortion and her shows are incredible. With her big show coming on June 30th this month, I asked if I could interview her and she agreed.

Meeting her, she was calm, relaxed and cheerful. She was wearing mickey mouse ears and snapping pictures. Visha comes off very carefree and confident. It was a thrill to have a brief chat with her.

Joshua Pantalleresco: Why Contortion?

Visha Loo: I always wanted to be on stage. This gives me a perfect chance to perform and it’s unique.

JP: How did you discover your talent?

VL: Training. I couldn’t touch my toes six years ago. I went to circus school.

JP: Circus school?

VL: Yeah. It used to be known as the Velocity motion works when I went. It’s in Inglewood now. I dropped out.

JP: I noticed that a lot with a lot of people that do their own thing. Did you just decide to do you own thing?

VL: I just am not the kind of person that can show up at the exact same time doing the exact same thing. I’m more the kind to do my own thing in my own time.

JP: How did you get into performing in front of people?

VL: Peter that ran the circus troupe asked me to join and I said yes. I did that for about 2 years, then left. Was with a partner for another 2 and now have been doing my own thing since then.

JP: That’s cool. Are you the main model Jeremy’s book?

VL: No. We tried to avoid that, that said I have a few sections in there, and if I do have more, well, I am sleeping with the photographer. Hehe

JP: Does kind of put you a leg up on anybody else.

VL: Yeah.

JP: So are you doing any movie roles at the moment?

VL: Not at the moment. I’d be interested in trying new things, it just has not come up yet.

JP: You’re just more comfortable doing contortion and modeling?

VL: I was a model first, then I quit to do contortion, and now I’m doing both again. I’m really into trying and doing everything interesting that comes up. Kind of living in the moment.

JP: So asking you where you want to be in five years isn’t a good question then?

VL: Not exactly but…if I was to pick something I’d say “famous”. Hehe

JP: Any advice for anyone that wants to follow in your footsteps?

VL: Don’t be discouraged. You need to put a lot of time and effort into this if you want to make it work. Keep going, and do at least an hour a day. Otherwise, you won’t do it.

JP: How do you train?

VL: Lots of back stretches, and splits.

JP: Yoga?

VL: No. No yoga. I feel like yoga is a lazy version of what I do.

JP: Okay, so what’s your favorite position when you perform?

VL: Elbows stands. It shows both great strength and flexibility. Oh, and I like to play peek a boo with my feet.

JP: That’s quite awesome since you couldn’t touch them six years ago. Do you have a set routine or do you kind of go with the flow?

VL: I do have routines, but it depends on my audience. I make up new stuff all the time. Kinda have to when you perform at everything from kids shows to corporate events, horror cons and fetish shows.

JP: Well I’ll let you get ready. Before I go is there anything you’d say to anyone that wants to do contortion?

VL: Practice. It takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to get somewhere with this. Believe me, I’ve had times when it seems very discouraging. But if you put in the time, good things will happen.

Thanks Visha.

How was the show?  It was fun.  After some entertaining opening acts, Visha herself came out and started to perform.  After performing a “bad” circus routine, she laid out her facade stretched.  Visha combines her flexibility and a flair for fun to make her show both a marvel and entertaining.  After contorting herself in ways I never could in a million years, Visha closed her act with the plate trick.

For more information on Visha Loo, be show to look her up on her website at  Be sure to pick up Jeremy Adshade’s magazine False Face Society to see pics of Visha and other models.  You can order it at Jeremy Adshade’s false face society here.  Finally, you can catch Visha at her next big performance at the show called Famous.  It happens June 30th and takes place at Jimmy’s Night Club here in Calgary.  I want to thank Visha and Jeremy for their time.


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