I think I need a microphone.  I’ve always kind of wanted to play with the idea of podcasting and Dirk Manning was a gracious test subject.  You should give it a listen if you haven’t already.  Debating on whether or not to publish an audio story on my podsite.  I think it would be neat.  I wish WordPress had allowed me to install a player on the site, but c’est la vie.  It was a good learning experience and next time I will do better.  I will still do interviews in the future, but I think an audio story be kind of cool to try.  

Ran into a friend of mine at a cafe and we shot the shit.  I’m planning on freelancing full time in the summer.  I’m going to learn how to draw better.  That’s right.  I have this idea for a comic I want to do.  Working as a writer in this industry has its challenges, and one of them is finding people as committed to the project as you are.  That’s not always an easy thing.  Not sure university is the correct option, but it may be something I do in a year or so.  Debt seems to be the hip thing.

Registered for one comics course and a workshop.   Did a blurb for a friend’s book – was honored to be asked for it.  All in all, there are a lot of possibilities that present themselves.  I’m free and clear to do what I want. 

may can’t come soon enough.