On Dreams, Film and Possibility with Dylan Howard

If I were to describe Dylan Howard in a word it would be passion. I met Dylan Howard a little over a year ago while being part of the film crew for Benjamin Hayden’s Agophobia.  Dylan is from Maine, and he flew out to Calgary to film this with pretty much nothing more than aContinue reading “On Dreams, Film and Possibility with Dylan Howard”

Rewriting A novel: Notes

For NaNo, I decided to rewrite an old novel.  I thought it’d be great to write a little about this process. Some people might feel I’m cheating here.  I know the story.  I’ve written it to its conclusion.  There’s no surprise in terms of the larger beats of the story.  This much is true, butContinue reading “Rewriting A novel: Notes”

Political Atheist

I love the American ideal.   The constitution of the United States of America is bar none, one of the most amazing documents I’ve ever read.  People have rights, and more importantly power.   The power to voice opinions, arm themselves, and most important, to take action.   America – on paper at least, is the only placeContinue reading “Political Atheist”