Big Honors and some new pretty things to look at.

First thing’s first:   I wrote a review of Peter Cannon Thunderbolt for all pulp.  Click on the link  here for more.  Am trying to get an interview with the creative team for the series.   As is, last night I got an idea for my own pulp style series. That’s for another time.  IContinue reading “Big Honors and some new pretty things to look at.”

We All Got To Grow Up Sometime

I’ve been fighting this impulse for years.  It wasn’t a temptation to do it, but rather quietly looking for that inevitable escape from this chain, this money pit from hell that people embrace for convenience. I don’t even find the damn machines attractive.  They are ugly hideous beasts that emanate a black hole of financesContinue reading “We All Got To Grow Up Sometime”