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I haven’t been writing as much as I should have this last week.  New shift has forced me to make some adjustments.  On the bright side, this should help with some of the obstacles with me releasing some more comics and a few other surprises before the year is out.  (More to come on that in another blog.)

I got a job offer last week to teach english in China.  I applied for writing an english textbook.  I’ve been fascinated with china for a long time.  I’ve had the privilege to live virtually everywhere in North America I want to, and just feel the need for change and to see and do some unique things.  A different perspective and a different world enhances the quality of your life.  The experience would be something I enjoyed.  I was excited and I looked at the employer and it seemed reasonable enough.  So I said yes.

Why not?

But it was not to be.  A four year university diploma was required and I don’t have one of those.  Nothing against a university degree, but I see it as a bit silly in this case.  Teaching in China is not the same as teaching in Japan, where you can make a very comfortable living doing so.  So why go to at minimum, twenty five to thirty thousand in debt for an experience that wouldn’t help you pay that off in ten years?  Especially when there are lots of teaching jobs that don’t require the same level of education?

I’m not bitter or railing or ranting, but accept that at the moment this isn’t the opportunity I am waiting for…yet.

I am going back to soon to learn some mandarin and taking a drawing class real soon.

Something I have realized about myself – when I don’t succeed at first, it just seems to make me want it more.  So I’m going to get it, one way or the other.

Not  to fret.  I’m working on releasing a new interview today and some more goodness the rest of this week.  Stay hungry.