I’m sorry for the delay.  I got distracted by a lollipop chainsaw.  It was like buffy meets devil may cry with just a touch of dynasty warriors.  It was a bit monotonous, yet viewing it was like a car accident.  I couldn’t turn away, even though I wanted to.  Just a messed up game.

I should buy it.

But no, there’s this magazine to put together.  I still haven’t decided one way or the other if I should take the other sponsors that shown up.  There’s this church that seems to want  to save me.  They’ve offered to donate a pittance of what I need so that I can be on the right side.  It got me thinking…

I can use the money, but honestly I feel like I have no idea who the good guys are in religion.   They all claim to be on God’s side, but I don’t see God saying “this is the guy.”  It’s like the whole enterprise has become an institution, and not about saving people like they claim to be.  I could just be cynical here.   I don’t think I am though.

Okay, I probably pissed off about three thousand sponsors.  I think my decision is clear.  I just can’t let a church sponsor me.  There’s too much of a bias and a lot of I’m right and everyone else is wrong for me.  I like standing on convictions, but it seems to me that there is a variety of people with a variety of beliefs.  I’m not going to put my hand in that hornet’s nest.

So now how am I going to fund this magazine?

Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?