Dear Diary

I’m torn.   It’s rare that I face this kind of moral quandary, as I’ve learned in business that it’s best to keep your morals and ethical standards with everyone else at reasonable lows.   Today however I had an offer I may not be able to refuse.

A local church group has offered to sponsor my magazine for the month – with a hefty sum.  By hefty I mean I don’t have to get sponsors for the rest of the year.

But they are Satanists.  Oddly, I should point out that devil worshippers aren’t quite like I expected them to be.  They aren’t cannibals with a desire for Christian blood.  (Although they do say they are on the winning side.  Some days it’s hard to argue that.)  Rather they seem like nice sweet people.  One of them is actually 87 years old.  She baked me brownies.  They were wholesome.  Heavenly is the word I’d use here.

Not exactly the image I thought I’d have.  I thought I’d have either incredibly slutty witch/warlock types that make deals for power.  Or I’d have scary bikers who have listened to led zeppelin one too many times backwards.  Instead, 87 year old woman who bakes awesome brownies and donates time and charity every weekend at the local salvation army.


Can I do it?  I just don’t think I can.  I’m not necessarily a believer, but I know that people tend to react strangely when you have “praise the beezle!” as one of the slogans in your magazine.  Outside of a song by Queen involving a rhapsody, I’ve never seen that taken in anyway considered cool.  People are going for moral decency here.  Tolerating demon worship isn’t exactly high on anyone’s list.

Not to mention the fact that the IDEA has a lot to do belief systems.  I wanted to challenge and shake things up when it comes to traditional ideas of church and state.  Would I be allowed to do this if they call that much of the shot?


I just can’t do it.

I can’t shake hands with the devil – this kind of devil anyways.

I wonder if she’ll let me have that brownie recipe.