Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 3

Dear Diary

It is time for our beginning of the month meeting for creative ideas.  And by creative I mean total decimation.  It’s one of the perverse pleasures of being the editor in chief – shooting other people down and doing it with a smile.

We (the creative team and myself) all mull through our brilliant ideas we have stored in our lock boxes of genius and pitch so we can tear them down.  It’s my favorite day in the month.

It’s not just the stupid ideas, but it’s a great place for us creative people to actually brainstorm. One of the greatest joys of the creative process is the idea.  The idea is pure and the whole struggle of every artist is to communicate that idea as purely as possible in the art forms we dabble in.

At first though, it’s the dumb ideas the get tossed around first.  Today’s winner was hotplates.  I nearly did a spit take.  What a stupid idea for a magazine.  Hot plates are a college kid’s dream come true but to most of my readership (the 50 people on facebook) will not care a whit for it.  It was easily turned down.  I hope I wasn’t too harsh with my laughter and the tears.  I think I stopped breathing at the idea of the leading article.

Wait for it.

“Top hotplates for your living room floor.”


Hey I’m an editor.  I didn’t say I was a patron saint.

While my intern tried to console himself with his special blend of brownies, the rest of us buckled down and tried to hammer out the guidelines for the magazine.  After a few random tangents come up (personal highlight: whether Zelda really could beat up Princess Toadstool) we settled down and came up with THE IDEA.

THE IDEA is…well, it’s too good to come up with it. Needless to say THE IDEA is awesome.  It is the kind of thing that this magazine was built to publish.  We still have a few I’s to dot and t’s to cross but there is THE IDEA and the focus given as a result.

I feel really good today.  I think this magazine is going to be awesome.

Published by jpantalleresco

I write and I wander. I am currently in Canada, tomorrow who is to say? I just released Veritas, my first comic, done with Craig Cermak and Jim Reddington. I currently write columns for and I have published essays, worked on magazines and movies and am working on my first novel, graphic novels and am planning on committing suicide on my first feature film. I chase my dreams wherever I may go. When I'm not writing I work on a day job and read, play video games and magic and chase girls. Sometimes I even catch them.

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