Chatting About Elvatron with Andy Bohn

Alrighty, now it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been at the Phoenix con, so it’s time I start putting up some videos.  So here’s the first one with Andy Bohn.   Andy is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the privilege to talk to.  So while you are reading that, I figure I alsoContinue reading “Chatting About Elvatron with Andy Bohn”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 7

I’m sorry for the delay.  I got distracted by a lollipop chainsaw.  It was like buffy meets devil may cry with just a touch of dynasty warriors.  It was a bit monotonous, yet viewing it was like a car accident.  I couldn’t turn away, even though I wanted to.  Just a messed up game. IContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 7”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 6

Dear Diary I’m torn.   It’s rare that I face this kind of moral quandary, as I’ve learned in business that it’s best to keep your morals and ethical standards with everyone else at reasonable lows.   Today however I had an offer I may not be able to refuse. A local church group has offered toContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 6”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 5

Dear Diary I headed out to acquire some sponsors today.  No surprises so far, that no one has taken up our generous offer – none of the big companies anyways.  I wish.  I so wish.  Instead I’m getting calls from a variety of interested parties.  These people have loads and loads of money, which isContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 5”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 4

Dear Diary We’re doomed.  I heard the final toll and first trumpet roll down from heaven and we are in deep deep deep trouble.  My favorite sponsor called this morning.  I love this sponsor.  She was a blank check to success and made sure we broke even in costs at the very least no matterContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 4”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 3

Dear Diary It is time for our beginning of the month meeting for creative ideas.  And by creative I mean total decimation.  It’s one of the perverse pleasures of being the editor in chief – shooting other people down and doing it with a smile. We (the creative team and myself) all mull through ourContinue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 3”

Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 1

It begins. Starting today this blog will be doing a little fictioicn in the form of a diary.  For one month I’m doing a little fiction.  With a few exceptions, this month is about a cranky editor trying to do a magazine.  I hope you have fun.   Today is the introduction to Fantastic Journey Magazine.Continue reading “Fantastic Journey Magazine Day 1”

What I’m doing today

First, I got a review!!!!!! I’m so excited.  Katrina Roets has her own blog where she reviews comics and other forms of fiction.  I am truly honoured.  So click on this link hereto read it.  It’s a fascinating read from my point of view.  I hope you like it too. Well last blog I toldContinue reading “What I’m doing today”