It’s been a while since I’ve written in this thing. It’s a shame. I could come down with a ton of excuses, but the bottom line is that I’ve been away from this blog far far too long. That is remedied now.

I wanted to write about something personal. I haven’t really done that with this blog and figured if I was going to say something it wouldn’t be about my personal life per se, but rather something far far more relevant to the grand scheme of things.


I was thinking about this. Four years ago I was heading to the San Diego Comic Convention. I was having a blast talking with this family about anne arbor and talking to them about some cool people to meet at the con when I see it for the first time. Most people heading into California are probably used to it.

I’m talking about the border patrol.

Now to me this is a foreign idea for so many reasons. I’ve lived in Canada first off. This idea that there is a patrol for illegal immigrants is laughable in the great white north. But not only did I live in Canada, I lived in Windsor Ontario. For those that don’t know, Windsor Ontario has one of the busiest borders in history. You can see line ups on Highway 3 some days as long as the road is in Windsor. It’s a sight to see let me tell you.

There is no border patrol outside of Windsor near Belle River. There is no border patrol in Southfield Michigan or Mount Clemens. Canada and the States for years has been the largest undefended border for years. You can’t really defend it honestly. Look at that map. It is impossible to place a guard every mile. The manpower alone to combat this is staggering.

This is where I live. And I see on the highway a border patrol run by Homeland Security not even on the border! I almost laughed until they boarded the bus. I had my passport with me and had no issues. I had a feeling I’d need that stupid piece of Identification and was fortunate and thankful. The guy three rows in front of me wasn’t so lucky. He had no idea and was carted outside the bus and was stuck now in the middle of nowhere.

Someone may point out that this was that guy’s fault. He should have brought his papers – but wait, papers? “Do you have your papers?” When did we get this far into life? When did innocent until proven guilty become thrown away?

It isn’t just the fourth amendment though going down the way the do do bird, it’s the whole constitution. One thing that isn’t talked about is the department of homeland security seizing and interrogating citizens coming back into the country, confiscating their electronic equipment and harassing people who are not a threat at all and haven’t been convicted of any crime.

Don’t believe me? Read this:


That’s scary shit no matter how you look at it. Yet nothing is being done about it. Politicians are at best, vaguely interested in this. Most of them are exempt from a lot of the practices done to the average american citizen. And the american people?

It’d be easy to say that Americans are ignorant of their problems. There is some truth to this – manipulation of information is so common and deliberate that it’s very difficult to find accurate and honest information about anything whether it be Kony 2012 or whether or not Ron Paul is still in the presidential race. Ignorance is almost a given.

The thing is, your gut doesn’t lie. A lot of people deep down know something sinister is going on. They may not have a face to the evil but they sense it’s out there, waiting and willing to do harm. When you have that kind of power given over to institutions and corporations and organizations you take people out of the equation. Deep down everyone knows this.

But we’re afraid. We’re afraid of seeing what exactly is going on in the country and why. We’re afraid that job we’re lucky to have might disappear in smoke the next day due to some random whim from the current administration. We’re afraid to challenge authority with the rights and powers given to the american people by the constitution. We’re afraid of people who like all of us, just want to make ends meet and feed their families. We’re afraid to leave our house, wondering if our neighbors plan to do you harm, over nothing more than a few dollars. We’re afraid that we are alone and isolated and cut off from anyone that can hear and understand what exactly is going on.

Whatever the fear, we’re afraid. That is the reality of today. We have become afraid of tomorrow and what just might happen. So we do what we shouldn’t and trust others to lead us out of the abyss, not realizing that these people are what have caused us to go down the path we have.

I’m not bashing America. I am afraid for it. I’m not liking what is coming down the pike. It looks mean and nasty and a rude awakening for anyone involved with it. Even in Canada it affects me, because whatever happens to you will sooner or later happen to me. I don’t want anyone to suffer. But I think if things continue everyone will.

I’m just tired of being afraid.