“Another one? Crimey, she seems to like you snake types don’t she?” May blubbered.

“It’s the end!”  The Thing was weeping openly.

“The end?”  May asked.

“The end!  We’re doomed!  She’s going to forget about us!”

“Don’t talk crazy talk there.  She’ll still love us.”

“But, but, but…”

“But what?”

“That’s another pet?  How many pets can she love y’know?”

“You have me there,” May admitted.  “Never thought of it to be quite honest with you.”

After a moment of complete silence, tears started flowing from the lizard’s faces.  May and the Thing held each other and wept.  Nemesis and Raven could only stare in stunned surprise.

“Thank goodness we don’t have arms to hug each other,” Raven said.

“Those two are unbelievable,” Nemesis now understood why those silly humans sometimes shook their heads.  Watching those two act the way they do took some getting used to.    Still, something bothered Nemesis.  He couldn’t quite identify the problem but there was this nagging concern.  Nemesis didn’t like this feeling – it was the first time he ever felt it.

How many pets could the owner keep?  How much love could one person have?  The question was disturbing.

Would she forget him?  Raven?  Even the Thing and May?

No.  She couldn’t.  Could she?

Nemesis didn’t like this thing called doubt.  It was a very human concept.  He should dismiss the whole idea as absurd.  Yes.  That’s exactly what he was going to do.  Let the humans feel those silly human emotions.  Nemesis was better than human – he was a snake.  How could he possibly be forgotten?

That infernal device buzzed and interrupted Nemesis’ thoughts again.  Nemesis decided at that moment to do something about that thing.  It interrupted his deep questions of life far too often for his liking.  It had to go.

The owner was talking to it again.  Bother.  He had to wait another time for the moment.

“I’m not sure what I want you know?  Another corn snake?  Or maybe something exotic?  You know where I could get my hands on maybe a python?”

Nemesis looked at her with the most pleading baby snake eyes he could.  She always doted on him when he did this.  It was a magic trick that gave him all the mice a snake could eat.  It was just a matter of time now.

Any moment and she’d look right him.  Like always.  Nemesis waited.

She kept talking and walked right by him and went out the door.  Nemesis couldn’t believe it.  It always worked before.  What had gone wrong?

Those doubts came creeping back inside him a hundred fold.  This wouldn’t do at all.  Something had to change.  Nemesis spent the next little while planning and thinking. Doubt. It wouldn’t go away. Not one bit.

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