Starting this Sunday I’m adding a new feature to the blog.  I love interviewing creative people and finding out what makes them create such wonderful works of art – whether they be words, pictures or both.  This sunday this begins when I interview Jeremy Beal about his Book Johnny Kicker and whatever else we talk about.  It’s an interesting read, I promise.

My vacation went very well.  I got to see some family and do some book signings while I was in London and Windsor respectively.  LA Mood is a class act comic shop and I can’t recommend it enough.  They even bought me lunch and I got to sell some comics, and even meet some old friends I haven’t seen since high school in some cases.

As for Windsor, it went well, but maybe it could have gone better.  It turns out David Finch was also signing at another shop that day in town.  I sold some books don’t get me wrong, but I wonder how well I could have done without that other signing taking place?

And how many people can honestly say that?  Cool huh?  And for my birthday to boot.

I had fun, but now it’s time to get back to the grindstone.  I have a lot of columns to write – All Pulp in particular I’ve done a bit of neglecting with.  I intend to remedy that all this weekend.

More to come.