Around The Web, October 27th, 2011

Every thursday, from here on in, I will write about what I’ve done at other websites or even some writing news as things happen.  This week is short and sweet. I wrote a column for Comicbloc.  You can read my column here.  In it, I talk about the importance of branding.  Personally I wish IContinue reading “Around The Web, October 27th, 2011”

Chasing Dreams with Jo-Anne Sieppert

Before we begin, here’s a trailer for you to watch. Welcome back. I first saw this book at the Calgary Comic Entertainment Expo when I met Jo-Anne and her kids. Jo Anne seemed very friendly, and her kids were awesome. We managed to keep in touch and with the release of Aberrant, I asked Jo-AnneContinue reading “Chasing Dreams with Jo-Anne Sieppert”

Nemesis’ Daring Escape Chapter 1

Nemesis was coiled and resting in his cage, dreaming about the little mice that would soon be dinner.  He loved mice.  They always dangled in front of him right when he felt famished.  His owner must have worked hard to catch them.  She would dangle it over his head.   With one rapid shot he enjoyedContinue reading “Nemesis’ Daring Escape Chapter 1”

Kicking the Basket With Jeremy Beal

I’ve known Jeremy Beal for a long time.  Our association began in history class a long, long, time ago in the hidden recesses of London Ontario.  We’ve somehow managed to keep connected in the years past and Jeremy to his credit has published his first novel Johnny Kicker.  You can buy the book at thisContinue reading “Kicking the Basket With Jeremy Beal”