Comic Reviews Part Deux

This will be a semi regular weekly thing where I discuss the comics I’m reading.  It’s the first thoughts and random thoughts and just my opinions.  Enjoy.

So far I have to admit that this DCnu thing has been great for comics.  While I have to admit that I’m curious about the long term impact, this month can’t be denied.  I have four number ones to look at plus some other good ones.

Green Lantern 1 – This was the book that gave me the most to hope for, but was the one that felt like the biggest let down.  It wasn’t bad, but just wasn’t what I thought it would be.  Sinestro as Green Lantern and Hal on the ropes seemed good in theory but there was something off about the execution.  Not bad, not great. The art was awesome.

Red Lanterns 1 – Ironically, I had the least amount of expectation with this book and was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn’t just about the blind rage the red lanterns represent.  Atrocitus is a complex character and Milligan added a nice voice to the book.  Pleasantly surprised.  Hopefully the rest of the GL books have the same different voices.

Superboy 1 – I’m enjoying the change of the status quo with all the superman books – it feels very fresh.  The VR program seemed a little bit of a reach but the plot was interesting and I’m curious enough to come back for another issue.  Congratulations DC, a book I wouldn’t have normally read is now on my pull.

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest 4 – I love American Vampire. Stephen King may have drawn me to the book,  Snyder’s take on Vampires is fun and fresh.  This is a side story, but it adds great depth to the AV universe, and who cannot love Sean Murphy?  Awesome book.

Doctor Solar Man Of The Atom 8 – I’m really disappointed with this book.  I really wanted to like it.  The Gold Key books I thought would be a nice reimagining of characters I loved in the Valiant Universe.  And while I think Jim Shooter had some great ideas, these books never got off the ground.  This story felt like a rushed finished.  It’s too bad.  It wasn’t a bad book by any stretch of the imagination but nothing great.If

Starborn 10 – This is the best of the Stan Lee books from BOOM!.  This book has a ton of action as the human race is about to be annihilated from four different species frightened, because the main character may become like his father.  Chris Roberson has won me over.   Hopefully Khary Rhandolf will be back next month.  Great book..

Fly 4 – This was my favorite book this week.  I love the concept of superpowers as a drug, and the repercussions of pain and remorse are felt with each issue.  The character development is really well done.  The growth is progressive and feels good.  Especially with Eric.  It turns out there is an answer to the Fly; it’s a matter of getting the shot into an unwilling patient.   The last page is simply tragic.  Raven and Eric J. are evil, but I can’t wait for issue 5.

Ultimate Spider Man 1 – I curse marvel for wrapping it in a poly bag.  That said, it’s a good book.  I think the Osborne pages were a little over the top but I kicked myself for not buying Ultimate Spider Man the first time.  I will not make the same mistake here.  If you can find one buy it.

Overall, Fly, Starborn, Superboy, and Ultimate Spider Man were my favorites.


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