Just a nice weekly review of my comics for the week.  I hope you enjoy.

Elric: The Balance Lost 3 – Roberson really enjoys working on multiple plots.  In all fairness, if my toys were Elric, Hawkmoon, Corum I’d have my fun using them too.  That said, I am beginning to understand the nature of the jumping of back and forthness between the worlds.  In the Balance Lost, the multiverse is collapsing and the last time I’ve seen anything quite like this is Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Best of all for this series, is this is coolest multiverse in literature.  Roberson respects the toys and delivers.  A character moment or two wouldn’t hurt this book, but it’s been a fun ride so far.  Can’t wait for the next one.

Jennifer Blood 4 –  It’s a popcorn book, but a fun one.  Case in point why I say that – Why the ninjettes?  And the last page with the neighbour just convinces me that this book is just Ennis having some fun.  While the battle is predictable in this story, it’s the little things that make this book work.  Especially the parts where Jen is rationalizing to herself why she is drugging her family.

Batgirl 1- I enjoyed it.  I’m not part of the continuity so I feel like this issue was designed for me.  Unlike others, I have no issue with the concept of a miracle at this point.  I’m just enjoying the story so far.  My favorite moment?  When Mirror points the gun at Barbara and she freezes.  That’s great stuff.

Morning Glories 12 – I have no idea what’s going on with the book and in this case that’s a good thing.  Spencer is just keeping on building layers upon layers by introducing the school’s guidance counselor.  No spoilers but the last page definitely is a good hook for the next arc.

Action Comics 1 – I never thought I’d see an Action Comics 1.  Yet here I am holding one.  Not the expensive one, but one nonetheless.  This felt like part homage part modernization.   The book is wall to wall action start to finish.  I understand the anger in the current superman.  It’s him from a younger period so sure and confident in himself.  It’s nice to see him make mistakes.  Lex was my favorite.  The way he delivered superman was awesome.  My favorite book this week.

Fun week and not a bad book among them.

Have a good one.