As stated, I write columns about pulp at All Pulp.  You can view my interview with Bobby Nash here.

But now I want to talk about Veritas.  Veritas is a four year journey – which is about two ybears too long.  I decided a long time ago that I wanted to make a comic.  At the time, this seemed appropriate.   I had acquired a job working for one of my heroes who had gotten his start by publishing his own work.  I couldn’t think of a better tribute to him, and a fulfillment of a dream of my own.

Unfortunately, while it was the creative experience of a lifetime, it was a financial disaster.  This project got buried into the background as I contemplated some weeks just how exactly I was going to eat.   No matter how passionate I am about my work, eating trumps your dreams.  After being  dragged into financial armaggedon, I was forced to confront some of my own personal issues.

I left Arizona, went back to Calgary and have slowly rebuilt myself to the point where I could finally produce my comic.  So behold!  it’s done and it’s out and I’m really proud.

Take a look here.  You won’t be sorry.